Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Trails Steve

Steve Larsen died yesterday from a heart attack during a running workout. He was 39 years old. I remember this guy absolutely dominating all the NORBA series races in the late 90s. When USA Cycling passed him over for the 2000 Olympic team ( the 2nd time in a row that the fastest guy didn't make the team ) he took it out on every racer that showed up to challenge him. Watching him race those races in person was a good thing. This dude turned into vindication incarnate as soon as the gun went off and destroyed all comers. That was the first time I'd seen anyone race for some other reason than to win. Winning seemed a foregone conclusion, the question was only by how much. A man with something to prove is very dangerous indeed. When the path of destruction ended at the end of 2000, Steve left the sport. Crushed them all and walked away. Pretty classy I think.

Anyways- Steve was an incredible athlete either on a MTB, a road bike, or in triathlons and will be missed. Godspeed Steve-


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