Monday, January 05, 2009

75 degrees and sunny!

Beautiful day out today. It was a nice change from the fog and wet conditions this past weekend gave us. Got out for 80 miles on the road bike today- nice loop, low traffic, and good legs. Got in an hour of tempo that felt like only 30 mins. When I got home and downloaded my ride I had set 3 new peak power marks. That's 4 in the last 3 days! So yeah- fitness is coming along nicely with 6 weeks left until racing starts. Gonna kick it off as usual in FL with the 12 Hrs. of Santos. Last 3 races there ( 12 Hrs. of Razorback included ) have netted me a 3rd, 4th, and 6th in the solo race. I really want to improve on that. I'm a month ahead of my usual fitness level this time of year so everything should go well. This year's race should be tough, hopefully with a deeper field than 2008. Doesn't really matter though- those races are tough enough if no one shows up- it's still 12 hrs! Can't wait. Good trails, great weather, and great people always make that weekend one of the best of the year.
Before that trip however, I have a trip to Asheville to make on the 15th-20th of Jan. I'm going to a bicycle fitting seminar to learn more about that. Should be good- I'm really starting to get into the subtleties of that. Then I'll ride the latest and greatest bikes from Fisher and Trek for 3 more days in the area before returning home to the land of zero elevation and bad pavement.
Yeah, FL. Santos. Bring it on.

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Shey said...

Dave, your making me nervous with the no sugar, caffeine, big miles. Will have to get off my ass very soon.