Friday, December 26, 2008

No White Christmas Here!

The temp. hit 80 degrees yesterday- or so I heard. Had a nice Christmas day, still get awakened at 6 AM the two children in my house. Opened presents by the time the sun was up. Had Alex's new DRUM SET assembled shortly and we were jammin' out. Liza had a late lunch planned so Alex and I went to the skate park. He skates and I brought the bike. It got so hot while we were there that the shirts came off. Christmas and I am riding shirtless. Pretty rediculous. Pulled an unintentional 360 on the quarter pipe but managed to land it. I'm not sure, but I think I ran over my leg too. It was a pretty close call and we were both getting tired so we headed back home for a terrific Christmas dinner.
After gaining 10 pounds we loaded up and went to the beach for awhile to work off lunch. Home by 3pm then a movie-thon till bedtime closed out the day.

Got out for 55 miles this morning early, then just hanging out today. Getting packed up to head off to Dahlonega, GA to visit w/ my family this weekend. Takin' the mountain bike- hoping to get by Bull Mtn. for some good trails- I'm about to lose my mind riding the same old stuff here. I'll get some good pictures and let you know how the trip turns out.

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