Monday, December 01, 2008


Long ride today. Did a loop that has always been in my head- decided yesterday that I would give it a go. Left my house in James Island @ 8:00 AM and headed west to Monks Corner. Then up to Bonneau where the Swamp Fox passage of the Palmetto trail starts. 45 miles later, I was in Awendaw on Hwy 17. Back to the house from there. Crosswinds for the 45 miles to Monks Corner, tailwinds on the trail where it didn't matter, and 26-29 mph dead on headwind the last 40 miles. Felt fine for 90 miles or so. By mile 95 I had had it with the headwind- I'd been in it for almost 20 miles and was getting tired and hungry. Finally got back to civilization and made a stop for some cookies and a coke. With the exception of averaging 3 mph over the Ravanel bridge, the rest of the ride was fine. Ended up with 7 1/2 hrs. and 117ish miles. Not bad, legs were great for the most part, neck and back are fine, and I never really hurt at all physically. ( The mental beating I took in the wind was another story! ) Time for a shower and some rest- I'm sure I'll be hungry soon too ( a double quarter lb. cheeseburger is going through my head right now). Hopefully Liza will be home soon and make us something good to eat so I can avoid the Golden Arches!


nathasm said...

What? Gears? Wimp! Next time let me know, I'd have totally taken Monday off to join you.

David Hall said...

Ok- take next monday off- I have a similar loop in mind. DH

spokejunky said...

Ah the gates on Bushy Park. That's where we should have some TT's this coming year.