Thursday, October 02, 2008

I've been crippled!

Started my training for 2009 this Monday. Doing about 8-10 hrs. a week on the bike w/ weights and running added in as well. I'll ditch the running in about 6 weeks, then the base training begins. This will carry on until Feb culminating with about 25 hrs. a week. Then switch to a 9 week build period so I peak when I want to and wreak havoc when appropriate( schedule is decided but will not be revealed yet).
Back to the crippling- started weights and as always- overdid it the first time and now I can barely move around. I can run and ride but any movement requiring muscles other than those used for that don't function very well. Even hurts to sit down on the throne. That is slowly going away. I have a gym workout tomorrow that will hurt, but the soreness should be gone after that.
Got to go- DH

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