Thursday, September 25, 2008

News, News, News.

There's been alot going on lately. We are buying a new house here on James Island. It has a big garage for bikes and motorcycles. I think the rest of the house is nice too but really only paid attention to the garage.

Teamed up with Robert last weekend to win the 2 man class at the 12 Hrs. of Dauset. Great weekend, great course, and great competition. I rode my singlespeed as we were just going down there for "fun". However, we grabbed the lead from the KHS guys 3 hrs. in. It wasn't about fun anymore as we steadily built on our lead to end up lapping the field and setting a new 2 man team lap record at Dauset. Robert rode very well and everything went as smooth as you could ask for.

I will be racing for the Lowcountry Volkswagen team for 2009. They are well funded and have good support so I made the decision to ride with them. I have a ton of work to do there, organization, coaching, motivating, and finding some more 1/2 riders is on the top of the list for me. Not to mention getting that heinous uniform redesigned. I can't race in something that resembles used toilet paper.

That's all for now- gotta go to work-



Ben said...

are you or your buddy wearing jorts?

David Hall said...

Yeah I have man-pri pants on. Gotta have a holster for those guns!

spokejunky said...

You better hurry on the jersey thing...RobD is putting the kit package together. I voted for THIS, but couldn't get anyone else on the bandwagon.

David Hall said...

I might wear that anyways!