Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How Not to Win the National Championships

Race Report:

Hard race, with no huge team representation, it was complete chaos. Attack after attack after attack went up the road. No cooperation to chase let several large breaks stay out for awhile. I tried not to work but had to do something with 10 laps to go and 12 guys up the road. Chased hard for 3 laps then others contributed bringing the break back by 5 to go. 2 to go the pace ramped up and the jockeying began. Last lap I was top 8-10, came inside w/ 2 turns to go to move up to 4th wheel heading into the last turn w/ 250 meters to go. Perfect. First 2 guys would fade in the headwind and I would charge around the 3rd guy to win the National Title.

Unless the guy in third wheel skips a pedal, highsides into my front wheel, and my fork snaps in half. On the ground at 42 mph. Again. Get up and walk in with 1/2 of my bike in each hand after some "words of encouragement" to the offending bonehead. I'm fine- only 2 quarter sized spots of road rash?! I actually still ended up on the results in 22nd place. Not many people left by the finish of that one if I walked in at 22nd. What hurts the worst however is knowing the win was right there in my hand. Then it was gone. I have 364 days to stew on it though! DH

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