Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yellow Death

The yellow death is falling from the trees now. Having a hard time with the time change. The guys that ride after work are lovin it but I ride in the morning. Getting up an hour earlier is still a pretty bitter pill to swallow. Still cold in the AM here. Gets up to 70-75 degrees by lunch but those morning rides are still cold. Had a good one last night, got out on a solo night ride over to Mt. Pleasent. Did a few hill repeats on the bridge. Tons of people out with the time change and all. Got in about 3 hrs/ 52-53 miles. Last time over the bridge felt the fastest ever. Started raining after an hour or so, sprinkles on and off. It felt pretty good so I kept going. Got done around 8:30- about 2 min. before the bottom dropped out.
Hard to get up this morning. Shook the cobwebs out of my head and was on the bike 10 min. later- that's pretty rough. I don't recommend it. Got warmed up after 1/2 hr. and felt OK. I've been going pretty hard the last 2 days so I planned on having flat legs this morning. Propper planning= propper execution and I executed the flatness perfectly. Got in a couple of hours and felt better when I got to work. Couln't really remember anything from the ride when I got there. I knew I was doing alot of thinking while I was spinning along, but I didn't know I was that wrapped up in it! Gotta get out on the mountain bike so I'll have something to pay attention to.
Healing up well- elbow is still in pretty rough shape, but I am not stiff and beat up feeling anymore. I am thinking about getting a T-shirt made that says "Yes, I did crash in a race last weekend." ( see back for a detailed explanation because I'm not going to explain it to you.) I think that would cut out some hassle with customers at work.
Anyways- got to eat now, gonna try to get another 2 hrs. in on the way home. Later-DH

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