Saturday, March 08, 2008

Windblast 2008

What a windy day. 30mph. sustained wind. So... I decided to go for a long motorcycle ride instead. Got suited up, stopped by ChicFil-A for some biscuits and headed south. I had a map and just went. My route crossed the Sat. group ride's route and I caught up with them ( all 3 ) at the Hollywood gas station stop. Chatted for awhile about how my moto was a much better idea this morning and they headed off. Got a drink, fueled up, and headed off toward Edisto Island. Never been there so I thought I'd check it out. A half an hour later and I was on the beach. I'm sure Edisto is cool in the summer but right now it was kinda creepy. First off- it's waayy out there in the middle of nowhere. Then there are miles upon miles of great beach houses. They were all empty, a ghost town. I was maybe 20 people the whole time.
Stopped on the way back to get some photos of the "Serpentarium". More creepiness- a snake house in the middle of nowhere. They were closed or I'd have gone in to see snakes and totally freak myself out.
Got in some great dirt road riding and some off roading as well to round out the trip. Got in about 4 1/2 hrs. and 200 miles.
Time to clean up and get some food. Later-DH

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