Friday, August 24, 2007

Somewhat relocation

Well- I'm in Charleston. Worked at the Shop all week. I like it there, cool people and a good shop. The hours pass much faster with some human interaction and sunlight. Didn't realize what a dark cave of solitude I was working in- no wonder I was always tired at the creek. Anyways, got some hours in on the bike this week, looking forward to ten more or so this weekend. Great weather ( a tad hot ) and decent riding. Did a few hours on Wed- got in a couple of laps over the new bridge. That's a no joke workout- wish it was here the first go round. Anyways- living with friends right now and Liza is still in NC till the house sells. Hopefully it will be soon, life is kinda Chaotic right now with everything and everyone scattered out like this. I'll get up some pictures soon- left my Kodak software and USB thing @ B-Town. Later- DH

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spokejunky said...

CBC or back at The Bicycle Shoppe?