Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time to head down east.

It's official- I'm moving back to Charleston in 3 weeks. Got some details to hammer out with a job down there and I'm gone. Planning on spending the next couple of weeks riding all the trails around here that I can. Not that I won't be back but I need to ride them anyways. Planning a 4-5 hr. -4 a.m. night ride soon so I can see the sun rise from the parkway- that will be cool, I need for the rain and fog to go away first though. I also need to hang out in Asheville one weekend, haven't been up there enough lately, and ride the Green River Gorge, haven't done that either. I'll be back for the Swank 65 race so I guess I need to go ride Farlow Gap a couple of times too. Need to go to a couple of resturaunts I've been wanting to go to also. Anyhow- I'll write more on this later. DH

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