Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bad Day

Rough one this morning. Rolled out to DuPont for a good ride. 1st half hour was fine, rode Burnt Mtn., that was fun- rolled over to Cedar Rock trail and started climbing. Got to the powerlines with the "No Tresspassing" signs. There is now a SECURITY GUARD in the middle of the woods to keep people off the AGFA property. Soo.. I pulled a 180 and bombed back down the hill before fatty could get out of his 4x4. Had to ride up the steeper part of Cedar Rock Trail now. Noticed that under alot of power my XTR cranks were flexing into the driveside swingarm on my frame, chipping the paint off. Gonna need a spacer I guess. I knew the cranks were close but had no idea they would flex that far- probably the swingarm too. The frame I'm on is a relic so no surprise there. Got to the top of the mtn. and went down Big Rock Trail really really fast till a Rhododenderon branch snagged my left brake lever yanking my front wheel into a huge rock. Fortunately, I got tossed far enough so that I landed in soft dirt instead of on the granite. Didn't really get hurt but that ended the ride for me. Later- DH

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