Friday, February 23, 2007

New Stuff

Got some new stuff for my ride this week. There has been a Maverick SC32 fork hanging out for awhile up here at the Creek. There were some plans to produce fork cartridges for Maverick but the plan got scrapped. Sooo.. after alot of harrassing and bugging people I got the OK to "requisition" it. Install, build a wheel, and put on the new Kenda Small Block 8 tire and I was ready to roll. Did 3 hrs. yesterday at Bent Creek and am really diggin the fork. It took me awhile to get it set up right but once I did it was ON. I really like long travel. I have a KHS FS frame that will be here soon I hope because the hardtail is not going to cut it anymore. I can go faster now with that fork than my old Reba, fast enough to surpass the capabilities of my hardtail. That Small Block 8 tire rips too... I was trying hard to break it loose but it is very sticky. Anyways- hoping for a new frame soon- got a sweet rear shock waiting for it too. Later- DH

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