Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coming in 5 days soon.

Haven't posted in awhile as I've been kinda busy getting this together. After twentysome odd years of working for other shops or the bicycle industry, it's time to open my own shop. Liza and I had been talking about it for awhile. I didn't initially want to open in November but a great storefront opened up right where I wanted to be and at a great price. was now or never time. After a mountain of paperwork, permits, and government incompetency, The Myrtle Beach Bicycle Fix is a go! Got the building ready to go this Thursday and Friday with the help of Matt and Brad, Installing showcases and workbench tomorrow, merchandising tues, and inventory shows up wed. Open for business on Black Friday- Nov. 23rd!
I'm going to be providing professional mechanical service, suspension re-build/ tuning, custom wheelbuilds, bicycle fit services, coaching services, parts and accessories, rentals, and of course....bikes. Stop by to get your fix of anything bike related!
I have a Facebook page- check it out- here. No website yet- almost...I'll post that link as well. I'll post more pics and info when I've got it!

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