Saturday, October 13, 2012


Is frustrations even a word ? Probably so in current day U.S.lexicon. Anyways- happy to finally get my computer back. Both Liza and I have had our respective laptops crash and it's taken 2 weeks to get em' up and running again. Not much going on though....same ol' same ol'....only thing of note is that I've finally finished working on the trail near my house. 5 hrs a day cutting a trail through the jungle is no easy task! Now all I need is for people to ride it. A lot. Then it will get good. Only reason for all that work is to have somewhere to ride at night to prep for 24 hr nationals next year. Speaking of prep... preping for tomorrow's race has consisted of a 50+ mile road ride this AM followed by the farmer's market, lunch, and Liza taking a nap beside me while I type. Been riding 10 days now and starting to feel semi-normal again. I'm interested to see how the ol' legs feel tomorrow when I try to unleash the fury old school style on some people. Time has told that it will either be a dominating win or a huge implosion. Nothing in between. Stay tuned to find out! DH

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