Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tires in a hole

Yesterday was the 3rd sick day in a row for me. Didn't sleep Friday night at all. Couldn't breathe and couldn't stop coughing. was movie night. Bad Jean Claude VanDame movie night. I was suppose to show up Sat am at 9 to help the Waccamaw Trail Blazers build new trails but after being sick and awake going on 30 hrs I decided that I would be better off laying on the couch.
After a shower however, I felt a little better and figured that a little movement should loosen things up. Got out to the trail head to meet Marshall and was pleased when we had 10 or so people show up. The new trail area looked promising with a decent amount of elevation change and good dirt ( a surprise on the coast! ). The big problems we were looking to take care of were the multiple huge tractor tires we had to haul out of the swamp up a 30 foot near vertical wall and the tons of buried junk all over the place. Those tires were heavy! Everyone worked hard and we made short work of everything though. Ended up finding 6 x 250lb tractor tires filled with terribly stinky mud, 5 house radiators, a buried chain link fence, a trailer chassis, tons of wood and scrap metal, and bags upon bags of trash.
It was satisfying work and good to get to know some of the other mountain bike riders in the area. We got a nasty area cleaned out and ready to go and I'm looking forward to riding some new trails shortly!
And now I'm back on the couch and can barely move. Time for some sleep.


Junk said...

New trailhead? Is that just north of Georgetown?

David Hall said...

Conway. Off Hwy 544. Adding to the trails already there.