Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Rainy Day Off

The rain is falling pretty hard outside now. This has been the pattern on my days off this winter! Things are looking up each week though with better weather. Had some nice early morning off road rides this week and am looking forward to another one tomorrow. My general sickness and/or beating myself half to death on the bike for the last 3 weeks has been letting up as I feel recovered now. I haven't felt "normal" in a month but feel pretty good now and am looking forward to training hard. Training for what I'm not sure as my "A" priority race this year was cancelled. No 24 hr Nationals in WV. They are moved back to Moab, UT. Too far away and too crummy a course to entice me to race. I think I'll race more XC now and focus on the Pisgah Stage Race in Sept. I should have done that one last year and as a bonus it is now 5 days long!
Anyways- I couldn't bear to get on the trainer again so I kept busy around the house today- or should I say the garage. Liza got me a model railroad starter set for christmas after a visit to the hobby shop and some reminiscing of my childhood. I need something to take my mind off of riding bikes so this worked out great. Not one to do things in a small way, I have been adding on to my trains since the day I got them. I finally got the layout built up and running the way I want today. Here's some pictures of the results. Still needs some landscaping and buildings, I'll get there in due time.
Well- got to go- I probably should get on the trainer after all! DH

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