Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long overdue update

I guess I've got alot of catching up to do. Here's what I've been up to in Oct. and Nov.:
1. Cyclocross race in Savannah Oct 19th- Raced the singlespeed race first on my Gary Fisher Rig w/ 700c disc wheels. Was way undergeared and had a hard time on the flats- there were alot, but managed to get 3rd. Geared up a couple of teeth for the Pro race next and rode much better. Finished mid pack @ 15th.

2. Bought a house on Oct 24th and moved in that weekend. We had a good group and moved the whole house in 3 hours flat. Pretty impressive. The new house rocks! I think- all I pay attention to is the garage. The garage rocks! Tons of room for many bikes and motorcycles.

3. Work

4. Riding about 16 hrs a week now, gym work for the last 7 weeks. Feeling pretty strong.

5. Trip to NC to "race" the Swank 65 Mtb race in Brevard. 40 ish miles of technical terrain. Took the singlespeed rigid rig instead of suspension and gears. Didn't regret it. ( regreted it for about 5 min climbing up to Farlow Gap ) Race went well. I had decided that I would keep my HR under 175 since it is winter and I should be doing base training. Raced in cutt-off Dickie's to remind me to not get too serious. Managed to stay under 170 hr and have fun for the most part. The best part was passing all the full suspension walkers down Farlow. Rode that section better than ever, only dismounting for a couple of creeks at the bottom of the steep stuff and one 10-15 foot drop into a creek. Thanks to the 29" wheels rolling over everything! Anyways- Never red lined it, had fun, and rode well to finish 18th out of 150. I'll take it for now.


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