Monday, November 19, 2007

I am David's ailing Gall Bladder

Went to the Surgeon today to find out what is wrong with me. He doesn't know. I did get to lay down on the table while I was waiting for him. I took a very good nap- I was out cold when he came in. He then asked me what was wrong, felt around on my abdomen, told me he didn't think it was a hernia and said I needed to go get an ultrasound tomorrow to really figure out what is wrong. He was interested in what was going on with my Gall Bladder. Does a Gall Bladder make stuff lump up under your skin? Anyways, I am going to the Hospital for an ultrasound tomorrow, then another appointment with the surgeon next friday hopefully to find out for sure what is going on and when I can start training again.
I did go to a Yoga class tonight. 1st one ever- it was pretty cool- I can see the benifits with flexibility and balance. Will have to work a class a week into my schedule.
Bonus Points: Name the movie that gave me the Idea for the title of this Post. DH


spokejunky said...

Going back to that person I knew in Columbia. He had to have his gall bladder removed due to Krohn's Disease. I'm not saying that's what it is, but it really sounds alot like the same thing that was going on with him. Sharp abdominal pains, ulcers popping up, sensitivity to certain foods. For treatment he had to go with a special diet, get the gall bladder removed (due in part the time elapse for diagnosis and sticking with the diet) and not doing due diligence with the prescription of medication. He said the meds usually made him edgy.

Fight club. I am Jack's raging bile duct.

spokejunky said...

BTW. Did you know North Chucktown has a 'cross course? Check out Mead/Westvaco park on Remount. The run up is next to the stairs up to the baseball fields adjacent to the N. Rhett side of the park.