Tuesday, October 24, 2006

UCI cross weekend

Drove to Philly (10 hrs.) for the Verge Mid Atlantic UCI cross races @ Granouge Estate in DE and the Wissahickon cross in PA. Stayed w/ Ben and Terri (who is very pregnant and thankfully did not give birth while I was there ) and got to check out lots of cool stuff in Philly. Rode through Camden, NJ ( highest murder rate in the US), saw Independence Hall/ Liberty Bell, the Dolly Madison House ( yes, the same one that makes the delicious pastries in convenience stores), ate the most phenominal french toast ever (huge with a layer of cream cheese and bananas between slices), checked out Manayunk, and saw a comedy show (the headliner was Biff from back to the future). Oh yeah- I did also race. How did that go? 2 front flats at high speed + 1 rolled tubular= 2 hard crashes. 2 hard crashes = multiple lacerations + 1 good head whack + 1 dislocated thumb + lots of time fixing bike and running around = getting lapped and finishing 48th and 52nd respectively. 2 many equations there. Better luck next time and thanks for playing. By the way Ryan Trebon absolutely DESTROYED a stacked field. Look out fellas cause I don't think he can be stopped.
This weekend should go better, going to a small local race to lick my wounds and feel better about myself. Plus I get to race in a costume for bonus points! Rock On! Later-DH

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